Pretty Rebellious Boutique is bohemian with a wink of western. The name is a collaboration of both my style and personality. Growing up in a town where the rodeo was the main event of the year, I can’t help but to always throw a little country spice to my own style and to that of the store.  

Opening my first store at 21, most would think that my age was too young to start a business.  What they didn’t know is that fashion and style is my life. While others were racing down the hallways of high school to get to class, I treated them as if they were my runways. Every day of high school was a fashion show for me. Compliments on my outfit were always the day’s biggest achievement rather than getting an A on any assignment. I was always and still am the ultimate go-to girl for fashion advice to all of my friends. Not to mention, I pretty much already had a boutique in my very own closet. 

I believe that style is always important in any matter, whether it’s clothing, home décor or whatever else deserves the attention from a fashion eye. I am constantly pushing the envelope, taking risks mixing and matching new ideas with some old flare. I guess you could say I’ve always been a bit edgy in my fashion sense. 

Rachael Zoe has always been my biggest idol in the fashion industry along with the styles of Kate Hudson.  Attending high school in the late 60’s, my mother always made sure to keep the hippie spirit alive in our household. What can I say; I am only a product of my raise. So therefore, as my mother pushed me to express my creativity in fashion, I pass along to you Rachel Zoe’s best tip of all, “Be glamorous…everyday!”